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Self-regulation resources and training to support children’s mental health

πŸ’œ Congratulations to our featured coach – Dana Bishop πŸ’œ

“I trained to become a Relax Kids Coach in February 2018 after a friend told me about Relax Kids. I have 2 boys and my eldest has complex medical needs including severe Eczema. I really wanted to become a coach to help him and his brother learn mindful techniques, as life can be very challenging.

I’ve also worked with children and families for 25 years as a teacher, nanny and family support worker and I could really see how they would benefit from the Relax Kids Programme.

The training was an inspirational weekend led by the amazing coach Anna. I met some fantastic ladies and left the weekend feeling that I could make a difference. 

Initially I just used the Relax Kids techniques at home but then I was asked to do 1-1s with friend’s children and I haven’t looked back! I’ve worked in schools, nurseries, Brownies, Guides and Cubs units and childminding settings.I’ve also run relaxation groups for parents, Young carers and community classes.

The most rewarding work i’ve done is being able to work with the charity NEST (Nephrotic Sydrome Support) offering 1-1s to children struggling with the challenges of living with this life threatening kidney condition. My son also has NS so its rewarding to help the charity and give back. Parents have fed back that their child’s Mental health has significantly improved after the sessions. 

In the future i’m hopefully working with an Eczema charity to offer sessions to children living with Eczema, as I know personally how this condition can have a huge effect on your Mental health.

I think the most powerful that has happened as a result of Relax Kids is hearing my son using affirmations to help with his needle phobia. From being held still by 2 adults he now just sits still and shouts out the affirmation ‘I am brave’ when he has a monthly injection!

Relax Kids isn’t just a job for me it’s my passion. It really has changed my life and i’m privileged to help children and parents.”