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Wellbeing resources and training to support anxious children and their families

πŸ’œ Congratulations to our featured coach – Ann Wood πŸ’œ

“Working as a primary school teacher in Derry N. Ireland for 22 years, I was noticing that more and more children in my classes were finding it harder to deal with their worries and to be resilient. I felt helpless when parents asked me for advice, so I began researching and came across Relax Kids resources online. I found that using the meditations, breathing exercises and positive affirmations, seemed to really help the children. They also helped my own son who was finding it hard to settle to sleep at night.

After using the Relax Kids books and free downloads for a while with great success, I decided to take the training to become a coach in 2018. I met some amazing fellow coaches on the courses who still support and inspire me to this day. I was so proud to qualify fully as a coach myself in October 2020.

In September 2022, I was lucky to be granted a career break from teaching and since then, I have delivered Relax Kids sessions in 10 different preschool, nursery school and primary schools. I have also worked with 3 Afterschool clubs and hope to continue to strengthen these links and to work with more schools and community groups as I continue in my full-time career as a Relax Kids coach.

I currently deliver sessions 4-5 days a week and have found that my home/work life balance has improved immensely as I try to live the 7 steps myself. Relax Kids has reignited the passion that I felt as a newly qualified teacher. I love the freedom that Relax Kids gives me and I have seen the positive effects that teaching the 7 steps have in the classroom, on peer relationships and in family life. I feel so proud when I see and hear children using the vocabulary and skills that they have learned to help themselves, others and even adults.”

Relax Kids coach in Derry, N. Ireland


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