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How Relax Kids Can Help Hubs Meet Government Expectations

Relax Kids can help hubs meet the Government’s service expectations by offering activities for young children (aged 0-5).* We offer engaging, interactive activities with children’s wellbeing in mind. We can train Hub staff to become Relax Kids coaches, enabling them to facilitate sessions for children of all ages attending the Hub, during stay-and-play sessions etc.

The sessions we offer support Hub facilitators in meeting the service expectations surrounding emotional health and well-being. Our award-winning* system has received praise from medical and mental health professionals across the board.

*The Relax Kids system was used in a CAMHS project that won the 2011 UK Nursing Standards Award (Mental Health Category)


Point 1: 1. Activities for children aged 0-5 Minimum expectations
Point 12: 12. Mental health services (beyond Start for Life parent-infant mental health)

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