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Studies have shown that a full moon can affect children’s sleep and behaviour.

Read this to your child tonight to help calm their restlessness and hyperactivity and encourage a good night’s sleep

Close your eyes and be very still. 

Breathe in and out slowly. 

Breathe in and blow all the way out. 

Imagine you are lying under a cool moon.

The moon is so beautiful tonight. It is sparkling in the night sky.

Sit or lie under the moon and feel your whole body cooling down and becoming calm and relaxed.

Feel a cool wave of relaxation over your whole body. It feels cleansing and clearing.

As you stand under the beautiful moon, you feel soft and relaxed.

You feel as if you are melting and your whole body is becoming soft and relaxed.

Feel the cool moon on your head and your head becomes soft and calm.

Feel the light of the moon on your body and your whole body feels relaxed.

You feel calm. You feel relaxed. You feel soft. You feel still.

Stay as still as you can and allow the cool moon to help you feel calm and relaxed.

It feels so wonderful. You almost feel so full of calm and full of relaxation.

How calm do you feel?

Take in a deep breathe and breathe out. As you blow out feel yourself becoming more and more relaxed. 

Breathe in and relax and breathe out and relax. Breathe in and relax and breathe out and relax.

Say to yourself in your mind, I am cool like the moon, I am cool like the moon.

Marneta Viegas

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