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Wellbeing resources and training to support anxious children and their families

FREE Weekly and Monthly events for parents and mental health professionals

Join our Relax Kids Community Group and receive a FREE MP3 and Creativity Pack


7.30pm UK Time

Join us for 30 mins of
therapeutic creativity

The Creative Spark sessions are an opportunity for you to take 30 mins out to relax and surprise yourself by your creativity. 

Bring simple art materials (felt tips and paper if that is all you have) and you can enjoy a little self-expression time.

Let art be your therapy and allow your imagination to take you to fresh and inspiring places.

Sessions are LIVE on Zoom with Marneta and there will be a different therapeutic theme each month.


6.30am UK Time

Join us for a 20 mins
guided meditation

Get your week off to a great start with a dose of peace and calm first thing Monday morning.

Build a new habit that will help you feel happier and healthier and help you manage the week ahead.

Join Marneta LIVE as she takes you on a relaxing and peaceful journey each week.

Watch the repeats whenever you need.


9.00pm UK Time

Join us for a 20 mins
at the wishing well

The Wishing Well is an opportunity for you to send out positive energy, healing vibes and good wishes to people in your life.

Do you have a friend of family member who is sick or going through a difficult time? Do YOU need a wave of peace and healing?

When people come together with a group intention, a powerful collective dynamic emerges that can help heal physical illness, mend fractured relationships and create mini miracles.

The best part of the Wishing Well is that there is a mirror effect where all the powerful energy reflects back to the senders.

Come and be part of this powerful experience – sessions will be led LIVE by Marneta.

Join our Relax Kids Community Group and receive a FREE MP3 and Creativity Pack