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Self-regulation resources and training to support children’s mental health

Congratulations to our featured coach – Nuala Groogan

” I first discovered Relax Kids when I applied to attend a one day course about supporting children’s emotional wellbeing that our local Education Authority was facilitating in 2015. I was Principal of a small rural school on the outskirts of Omagh, in the North of Ireland at that time. A few weeks earlier we had been notified that our amazing little school would close! I was devastated. I dragged myself to the course one grey November morning and bounced out, knowing that something magical had happened that day. I knew that Relax Kids resonated with me. I felt it had my name written all over it. I went home that day and knew I had a “next step”! Eventually, I booked the RK training in September 2016, began a small community class in October 2017, and my teeny side hustle has grown to become my main job. I followed up with Baby Mindful and Charge Up Training in 2020.

I now work three days in schools, playgroups and nurseries offering sessions to whole classes, nurture groups, one-to-one sessions and offer teacher and parent workshops too.

As an educator, and a literacy specialist teacher, I see the holistic benefits of Relax Kids:

💜Language & Literacy development

💜 Physical skills development

💜 Turn taking

💜 Working together

💜Building empathy

💜 Problem-Solving

💜 Supporting Personal Development and so much more…..

I am living my best life, following these magical 7 steps, and most importantly helping to support children develop strong hearts & calm minds. I also offer Parent Consultations, Family Sessions & 1-2-1 support. My greatest joy is hearing from the children & parents how these simple but powerful strategies have helped.”

– Nuala Groogan