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be calm and confident in all times

Self-regulation resources and training to support children’s mental health

Coach Testimonials

Very engaging and inspiring

The Relax Kids training is very motivational, inspiring and positive.

D Perry

Excellent Tools for Anxious Kids

This is a course that provides a structured relaxation process which is very useful for anyone not just children. It’s especially useful in these post pandemic times when children and families face more challenging times ahead financially and emotionally.

L McSherry

5 out of 5

Very informative and some very useful advice and tools to help children with their day to day struggles.

J Small

Loved it!

Amazing course! Loved it!

N Eason

Fantastic Training

Loved this training. I have learned so much and look forward to delivering it with the young people and families I work with.

M Malarkey

Great course

I have found this a great course learning lots of different ways to help children manage their emotions and feelings.

Encouraging them to be more aware of the body and give them strategies to help manage their feelings in day life experiences.

K King

Absolutely fantastic course!

I can really see the benefits of how the ChargeUp 7 steps all form the process in retraining the brain to have happier, healthier thoughts, decisions and life skills.

Thank you very much!

B Heppell

Positive and motivating

I have learnt a lot about how the brain is able to process threats and stress, and can see how following the 7 steps will provide children with strategies of managing their emotions.

I am keen to use Relax Kids to help children become more confident and able to deal with stress and anxiety.

As a teacher I can see how many elements of Relax Kids can be brought into the classroom, and how encouraging children to become mindful will help them to take on new challenges.

C Corr

10 Stars!

If I could give 10 stars I would!

M Concannon


I loved learning about Relax Kids and how it can help children in many ways.

K Bell


A very good course, helped explain with videos, the content and the structure on how to run a class.

Tracey D

Feeling empowered to teach!

I thoroughly enjoyed learning the 7 steps of relaxation for children and myself! I already feel that I have gained so much knowledge and tools to help children. Thank you to all the coaches and especially the coaches that demonstrated good practice of Relax Kids.

Online training is difficult and I found the modules where I was completing the activity with you was the most rewarding.

The “laughing exercises” had me laughing all day 😁

N Taylor

Excellent course

ChargeUp is an excellent course, with a lot of spirituality and research behind it – which is different from other courses in mental health – and more interactive so I think you will engage with kids/teens better.

J Sloan