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Self-regulation resources and training to support children’s mental health

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Helping children relax to improve mental health


Its about being in tune with what’s right for you and your baby

Find a class suitable for your needs

Our coaches are trained to provide a number of sessions from group classes, one to onementoring, classes for under 5’s, classes for young adults, workplace sessions for adults and much more.

‘‘After just one session at Relax Kids, there was a noticeable change in my children’s behaviour which lasted all week.” – Richard Collings BBC

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Online Classes
Ages 5 – 10

Sessions support children’s mental and emotional  well-being and give them tools to manage stress and be more resilient, calm and confident.

Children go on a different adventure each week. They find our classes fun, lively, creative and most importantly – relaxing.

Each week children will receive a downloadable activity hand out to print out.

Magical Adventure Classes ages 5-9

Join our magical, creative and fun classes especially designed to help your child
become more resilient, 
calm and confident

“I could see all the different colours in the rainbow,  and could see everyone below me as small as ants. And you didn’t even show us any pictures. I love it.” – Charlotte aged 8

Relax Kids magical adventure classes are fun and creative helping children become more resilient and improving their emotions. By giving children a toolbox of relaxation and mindful exercises from a young age, they will grow up with good mental health.

Classes usually run for a 6 week period around a certain theme. Our class themes include Superheroes, Pirates and Mermaids, Genius Genie, Extraordinary Earth, Mighty Monsters, Intergalactic Adventures, Fairytales, Detectives and Confidence Bootcamp.

Each week your child will go on a brand new adventure learning valuable skills whilst developing their imagination.

Little Stars ages 3-5

Bringing calm to the early years

“Relax Kids is an excellent way to encourage children to find their own world of inner happy”. – Giles Andreras author of Giraffes Can’t Dance

Your child can join in a colourful adventure each week where they will sing songs, play games, stretch and relax listening to stories.

Your child will have so much fun while engaging in activities that will support their language, physical and emotional development.

Little Stars classes are interactive. You can join in and bond with your child as they explore, sing, play and relax.

Chill Skills ages 8-13+

Chill Skills is designed to help young people feel more confident, improve their learning potential,
manage their emotions and be the best they can be

“I’ve been very impressed with the subtle but very large changes in behaviour and self worth in such a short period of time. One of my children had been reluctant to
attend school, but has started to enjoy it again and it is only on reflection and in consultation with my diary that I can say that this change coincides with the start of the Chill Skills classes. Thank you!”. – Parent

Classes include concentration games and exercises, relaxation tips and exercises, relaxation techniques, breathing exercises, peer/self massage, mindfulness, visualisations and discussions on topics related to developing a healthy lifestyle.

Helps support young people’s emotional intelligence, self-esteem, concentration, confidence and resilience.

Just Relax sessions for adults

Relaxation strategies to help create and maintain a positive mindset

Join a fun and enjoyable relaxation session incorporating gentle movement, ice-breaker games, simple stretches, self-massage, breathing exercises, positive affirmations, relaxations, mindfulness and visualisations.

Learn new skills to manage anxiety and stress. Learn simple exercises to help you feel more calm and connected. Learn tools to help you feel more able to cope and stay in control.

Practicing relaxation can help relax muscles and lower blood pressure, decrease depression and insomnia, boost energy and improve sleep, bring a sense of calmness and confidence.


ChargeUp sessions for young adults

ChargeUp sessions cover a range of topics from self-awareness, sleep hygiene, to consent,
boundaries and stress management

Sessions follow our tried and tested 7 step system and include interesting activities, exercises and games to encourage learning, skill acquisition and reinforcement of concepts.

ChargeUp sessions give young people mindful tools to help self regulate. Sessions can help reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep, improve mental health and wellbeing, increase self awareness and empathy, improve learning and performance, increase attention, focus and concentration, improve self-esteem, increase resilience and assertiveness.


Baby Mindful Sessions for new parents and their babies up to 18 months old

Spend quality time with your baby in a supportive, calming atmosphere

Baby Mindful is a new approach to working with parents of young babies and has been created with a range of activities which will stimulate calm whist supporting your baby’s natural development.

Baby Mindful classes can help encourage your babies confidence and awareness along with cognitive, communicative, social, emotional and physical development.

We also offer...


Sessions for parent’s to be as part of our Baby Mindful Franchise. We also hold Blooming Marvellous Baby Shower type parties


Relax Kids one to one sessions at home or in the school setting

relax familieis

Relax Kids Family Workshops – fun for the whole family


As part of our Just Relax Course we run Chill and Chat relaxation parties in the workplace and casual settings


We offer additional fun workshops such as Be Brilliant, Be Calm, Be a Star, Be happy and Be confident for children


We also offer sessions in schools, for staff wellbeing and general group sessions. Please contact your local coach for further

Please email help@relaxkids for your local coach and classes