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Self-regulation resources and training to support children’s mental health


Helping young people understand and manage their mental and emotional health and wellbeing

We now offer a comprehensive program to support young people and teens in secondary schools, youth clubs and Universities

The aim of ChargeUp is to equip teenagers and young adults with an understanding of what it is to be human

Through simple exercises and mindful tools, we show them how to self-regulate, manage their emotions and take steps to feel happier, stronger and more powerful

ChargeUp helps young people gently change their mindset so they are less overwhelmed by anxiety, fear and loneliness.

Our ChargeUp system can help young people re-wire their brains. In a fun and explorative way we show teens how to reprogram their inner computers and re-boot for positivity and resilience.

ChargeUp is like the human instruction kit that we don’t get as we grow up and gives teens all the tools they need as they approach adulthood.

ChargeUp has had incredible results in a variety of settings and even youth offender prisons with hugely disaffected young people.

ChargeUp taught me that I can change my life just by my thoughts. So cool! – Peter aged 12

ChargeUp sessions for older teens cover a wide range of topics from self awareness, positive body image and sleep, to consent and boundaries and stress management

Sessions follow our tried and tested 7-step system that and include mindful and embodied activities, exercises and games

Sessions include the following activities:

movement for energy management

ice breaker games for social connection

simple stretches for energy and stress management

peer / self massage for self-awareness and empathy

breathing exercises for self-regulation

positive affirmations for focus and concentration

relaxation and visualisation for stress release and deep relaxation

ChargeUp helps young people:

Self-regulate as they become aware and manage their emotions

Reduce stress and anxiety

Improve sleep and sleep hygiene

Increase self awareness and empathy

Feel important and valued

Improve learning and performance

Increase attention, focus and concentration

Develop a positive self-esteem and confidence

Strengthen communication skills

What people say about ChargeUp

ChargeUp is an amazing program designed for young people to support development of their emotional intelligence and to use it as an early intervention. This programme is from a place of prevention is better than cure, by giving them the skills that can support them in all areas of their lives – whether they need them now or will need them at some point in the future – Joanne

Your workshop kept my two kids amused and entertained and allowed them to explore their own minds and give them confidence without being embarrassed! – Parent

I hope your reputation grows just like our children’s’ minds! –  Parent

After one session I can see how it will benefit the children’s well being and self esteem – Paula

X thought that this was the best class she’s ever been to and can’t wait for the next one! She’s really keen to come back – Parent

The ‘Charge Up’ course that you delivered to the PEARL group on Wednesday morning was outstanding. The varied activities that you presented to the learner were engaging, informative and useful to settle behavioural concerns amongst our challenging clientele. I would also like to congratulate you on your delivery of this subject and hopefully this will be something which can be delivered again. The learners who participated throughly enjoyed your planned activities the following was stated from PEARL learners: “I found it very interesting learning about the brain. This enabled me to understand the part of the brain that makes me feel anxious. I really enjoyed playing Jenga. I was feeling nervous so this helped me relax and feel distracted” – PEARL group

The massage was really good and helped me focus on different parts of my body. I really enjoyed the relaxation bit at the end. My whole body was relaxed including my mind. I will find some of the techniques very helpful for me to use everyday – Cindy

It was my first time doing Relax Kids for teens. I have recently been diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome, so my mum suggested I try something to help. It helped, my favourite bit was playing Jenga and talking about the words written on the blocks. The logo was helpful as it taught me how to do soft stretches. I found the meditation at the end very relaxing, my body was very relaxed and I was very close to falling asleep. Find made me feel comfortable and calm – Claire 

Child A said ‘Im not meditating’ whilst in the car and didn’t know what to expect. I told him to go with an open mind and he was raving about it when he came out. He was insisting that I say Bombay lounge was a treat for making him feel chilled out and relaxed when he hasn’t felt like that recently, his words not mine! Claire’s friend’s son with ADHD attended the session and invited her over for a curry afterwards!

Lily was extremely upset when I picked her up from school, we’re having problems with her teacher so to see her happy and smiling within a short space of time was brilliant – Anne

Once the session was underway, the children participated very well and with great enthusiasm. The Head Teacher came into the session and took a short video of the class which was put onto the school website.

Mrs Zoe Akers the year 1 class teacher was very pleased with the session and how well the children engaged. She said that they all enjoyed the session. She informed me that the following day the children were eager and ready to do peer massage again. They had hands up in the air to show that they had asked each other permission, before she needed to remind them. Zoe now used peer massage most days, she said the children look forward to it – Sherrie

A very relaxing session with lots of tips and techniques on how to make time to be mindful. I don’t often make time for myself and I’m often stressed and anxious about work and personal matters. I will certainly be using these techniques at home and will recommend these sessions to friends, family and colleagues – Teen

The way it was explained scientifically as well as with the animals really helped us understand the way the brain worked. Will be really helpful for the next few years. The facial message and stretching are very useful as these can be easily fitted in to a day wherever you are, at work or at home. And short enough to be ‘do-able’ – Teen

The lesson was really relaxing, I really enjoyed it especially the 10 minute meditation. I feel a lot more relaxed from before the session to after the session. I feel I have learnt new things like mindfulness techniques and self massage. Look forward to another session – Zoe

Loved going from the movement right down to the recharge at the end. Lots of things I can try even when I haven’t got lots of time. Feeling like I can practice breathing at home. I loved it – it felt different, more grown up – Teen

It was good to do different things. I liked the new relax part when we had to paint a picture in our imagination – Stacy

I loved ChargeUp! It really made me think about my thoughts and how easy I found it to say negative things about myself. When Adelle taught us about growth mindset and how to turn negative things around and read a meditation about how we have the power to create the life we want, it made me realise that I can be positive and it boosted my confidence – Teen