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💜 Congratulations to our featured coach – Ann Wood 💜

“Working as a primary school teacher in Derry N. Ireland for 22 years, I was noticing that more and more children in my classes were finding it harder to deal with their worries and to be resilient. I felt helpless when parents asked me for advice, so I began researching and came across Relax Kids resources online. I found that using the meditations, breathing exercises and positive affirmations, seemed to really help the children. They also helped my own son who was finding it hard to settle to sleep at night.

After using the Relax Kids books and free downloads for a while with great success, I decided to take the training to become a coach in 2018. I met some amazing fellow coaches on the courses who still support and inspire me to this day. I was so proud to qualify fully as a coach myself in October 2020.

In September 2022, I was lucky to be granted a career break from teaching and since then, I have delivered Relax Kids sessions in 10 different preschool, nursery school and primary schools. I have also worked with 3 Afterschool clubs and hope to continue to strengthen these links and to work with more schools and community groups as I continue in my full-time career as a Relax Kids coach.

I currently deliver sessions 4-5 days a week and have found that my home/work life balance has improved immensely as I try to live the 7 steps myself. Relax Kids has reignited the passion that I felt as a newly qualified teacher. I love the freedom that Relax Kids gives me and I have seen the positive effects that teaching the 7 steps have in the classroom, on peer relationships and in family life. I feel so proud when I see and hear children using the vocabulary and skills that they have learned to help themselves, others and even adults.”

Relax Kids coach in Derry, N. Ireland

Instagram @relaxkidsderrywithann

#relaxkids #relaxkidscoach

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International Featured Coach

💜 Congratulations Ivančica Tarade 💜

I am Ivančica Tarade, Relax kids coach from Zagreb, Croatia.

For the last six years this amazing programme changed my life and helped me to become a more conscious person, more patient mother and coach.

I became an entrepreneur, the owner of Dragonfly ( That gave me more freedom in life, more time to play with my own children and I enjoy it very much.

I teach Relax kids classes in four towns – Zagreb, Sesvete, Zaprešić and Kastav (little town on the Adriatic sea) and I promote mindfulness to colleagues in kindergartens and schools.

Last year I started Relax kids classes in one primary school in Zagreb, because I believe that mindfulness should be part of the school programme in Croatia. As well as children, I have group classes for adults and individual classes.

Some children have been taking my classes for several years, so we “grow“ together sharing feelings, learning how to preserve our mental health in this chaotic world and we explore their potential.

Last year I organized my first Relax Kids summer camp for one group of children in Zagreb. We spent all week together visiting museums, playing in the parks, having meditation and creative workshops, we even climbed a local mountain.

One day we wrote positive messages on the Post It notes and the children gave the notes randomly to the people in town during our walk in the center of Zagreb.

It was really interesting experience for all, because some people were very grateful and touched when they read it, and some of them were “afraid“ that children are asking for money or something.

I am wishing you all the best in this adventure of life!

FB and IG: Relax kids 4All

#relaxkids #relaxkidscoach

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💜Congratulations to our featured coach – Hollie Cooke 💜

Area: Doncaster, South Yorkshire.

” I have been a coach for 2 years, my first community classes took place in September of 2021. 

Having worked with children and young people in a variety of settings, including in a school for over ten years I was looking for a change, something that would give me a good work/life balance, that enabled me to support children and young people and that would promote a healthy wellbeing. When I came across Relax Kids via a Google search it instantly felt right! 

When my pregnant best friend found about that I was taking the Relax Kids training, and that their was an option to train to work with babies too, I didn’t really have an option to do anything but both lots of training. 

I run four Baby Mindful classes, and two Relax Kids classes in the community each week. I also run Relax Kids classes in schools and am regularly invited to run additional classes with other groups such as Brownies and Cubs. During the longer school holidays I enjoy putting on Relax Kids Family Workshops which are always well attended. 

I love the flexibility and variety of being a coach. I have worked with babies as young as one week old, and children up to eighteen years. I have run classes in person and online, done some 1:1 sessions and even spent the day outside in a tent with 100 girl guides. I can plan my community classes around our local term dates, and book in additional sessions at times that work for my family. Every day is different and everyday is wonderful! 

The special moments are when parents or children share stories about how the classes have helped them…. When child who has been desperate to do the scary jump at the soft play tells you that they calmed their ‘meerkat’ and went for it, a parent shares how anxious they had been at the thought of attending a session but says they instantly felt at home when they did, or a teacher comments on the positive changes they have seen in a pupil following the session. These moments are priceless!

I have changed so much as an individual since becoming a Relax Kids coach. My confidence and adaptability has grown no end, and I am regularly doing things that would have had me cowering at the thought a few years ago. I enjoy going to work every single day and am so grateful that I am able to have such a positive impact on the lives of others.”

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💜 Congratulations to our featured coach – Margaret McManus 💜

“Based in Sunderland in the North East of England. I have been a coach for 3 years.

I heard about Relax Kids from working in schools as a School Nursing Sister and knew that children were benefiting from this input. 

I work in schools delivering sessions as 1-2-1s, family groups and small classes. I work with young people at home who aren’t attending school and I work for Children’s Services supporting children that they work with. 

I love being my own boss, working around being a single mum and having face-to-face contact with children and young people on a daily basis. I love feeling that what I am doing is making a positive difference to these children and young people. My greatest achievement has been working with a child who wasn’t able to speak to adults in school because of his anxieties. He started to speak to me during his first session, his teacher after 6 sessions and now he shouts down the corridor! 

Being a RK Coach has helped me with my own mental health and anxieties and has given me so many positive moments on a regular basis that I just love what I do!”

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💜 Congratulations to our featured coach – Tracey Lindsay 💜

“Hi, I’m Tracey and I’ve been a Relax Kids Coach for four years in the North-East of England.

I first became aware of Relax Kids when I had my own children (twin girls) and bought a couple of books and CDs of relaxation/visualisations. They are turning 21 this year so it’s a while ago but they used to love listening to the CDs before they went to sleep. I worked as a Dietitian in the NHS for 25 years prior to doing my training and felt I’d had enough. Initially I thought I’d try doing Relax Kids as a sideline but decided to take a leap of faith and go for it as my only source of income. It’s been a great decision.

I remember thinking on the training weekend “this is just me” and feeling like it was the right thing. I heard other participants talking about how their children had done Relax Kids and how it had been life changing for some. That’s what I wanted out of life, I wanted to make a difference. A former colleague said to me as I was leaving my job, “This is perfect for you, you love teaching and working with groups, and you love kids!”

Qualifying just before the pandemic made my start a bit slow, so I didn’t really get established until September 2021. I’ve ended up doing stuff that I never would have imagined when I did the training, including adult sessions over Zoom and sessions as part of team building days for staff groups. Mostly though I work in primary schools delivering sessions with groups of between 2 and 30 children. I love how adaptable Relax Kids is, with numbers, ages, abilities, space available, indoor/outdoor, you name it, it can be done!

My proudest moment was when I received a message from a parent of a child I was working with in school. She said that even in week two, the difference in her son was huge and had an effect on the whole family because he was happier, calmer, less angry and she talked about how his sparkle had returned. It made my heart burst!

I am without doubt a happier person doing this job. I’ve learnt so much and am continuing to learn every day. I love having young children in my life again and getting to know so many, seeing them change as they go through school and above all feeling useful and valued!”

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💜 Congratulations to our featured coach – Lorraine Pellet 💜

Burgess Hill, West Sussex

Qualified June 2021

” Whilst working as a Learning Mentor in a large primary school, I discovered there was a need for helping young people find a place of calm. I used the Relax Kids’ books to run before school visualisation sessions to help the young people feel ready for their day. It was a few years later, that I read the back of the book and realised Relax Kids was a ‘thing’!

I changed jobs and time moved on, however I kept coming back to the idea of being a Relax Kids Coach. I qualified as a Drawing and Talking Practitioner and realised that quite a few practitioners were also Relax Kids coaches.  It gave me the push I needed to be brave and got for it!

I love seeing the changes Relax Kids makes to young people. For some they increase their confidence, explore their own voices and take ownership of believing in themselves. For others they begin to recognise the energy changes in their bodies are controlled by them and (for the most part) they can choose to energise themselves or tone it down to find a place of calm. The realisation that they have that power inside of them is just magical.

I was invited out of the blue, to run workshops for Reception up to Year 4 children for Children’s Mental Health week. This was a huge privilege and I absolutely loved the event! The comments I received from the children in the sessions were very special. The feedback from the Head Teacher was so positive, that I am looking to run a weekly class for them.

I run before and after school classes in local primary schools. I am invited to attend wellbeing events that children participate in with their parents.  Schools pay for blocks of work that fit with curriculum topics and events.  I also work 1 to 1 with children/young people at home.  

For me when I hear children say ‘I wish it was Relax Kids every day’ and ‘I believe in myself’ just honestly make my heart burst with pride that they feel that way.  To see a group of children interacting so positively together and bringing each other joy, is amazing.

Being a Relax Kids Coach has helped me grow as a person. I have become more confident in myself and truly believe I have something valuable to pass on to the next generation. The company rules have become part of my life and I am grateful for the changes that they have given me.

I take pride in my status as a Relax Kid Coach and absolutely remain committed to bringing peace and positivity to the next generation.”


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💜 Congratulations to our featured coach – Dana Bishop 💜

“I trained to become a Relax Kids Coach in February 2018 after a friend told me about Relax Kids. I have 2 boys and my eldest has complex medical needs including severe Eczema. I really wanted to become a coach to help him and his brother learn mindful techniques, as life can be very challenging.

I’ve also worked with children and families for 25 years as a teacher, nanny and family support worker and I could really see how they would benefit from the Relax Kids Programme.

The training was an inspirational weekend led by the amazing coach Anna. I met some fantastic ladies and left the weekend feeling that I could make a difference. 

Initially I just used the Relax Kids techniques at home but then I was asked to do 1-1s with friend’s children and I haven’t looked back! I’ve worked in schools, nurseries, Brownies, Guides and Cubs units and childminding settings.I’ve also run relaxation groups for parents, Young carers and community classes.

The most rewarding work i’ve done is being able to work with the charity NEST (Nephrotic Sydrome Support) offering 1-1s to children struggling with the challenges of living with this life threatening kidney condition. My son also has NS so its rewarding to help the charity and give back. Parents have fed back that their child’s Mental health has significantly improved after the sessions. 

In the future i’m hopefully working with an Eczema charity to offer sessions to children living with Eczema, as I know personally how this condition can have a huge effect on your Mental health.

I think the most powerful that has happened as a result of Relax Kids is hearing my son using affirmations to help with his needle phobia. From being held still by 2 adults he now just sits still and shouts out the affirmation ‘I am brave’ when he has a monthly injection!

Relax Kids isn’t just a job for me it’s my passion. It really has changed my life and i’m privileged to help children and parents.”

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💜 Congratulations to our featured coach – Liz Meincken💜

“I have been a Relax Kids coach in North Devon for 15 months I run a number of Relax Kids classes. I run a nurture class as part I of my role in my local school and I run community classes in the school holidays. I have run online classes and sessions in my house.

I love using the 7 steps for myself and my family. relax Kids is so versatile. I can make it work around my family. It still amazes me how subtle and short some of my sessions are with children yet the impact is profound! The children treat me (and others) how I treat them.

My greatest achievement is having my RK role in the school I work in – I feel very honoured and touched to have this role and every day is unique and inspiring. When I see all of the times my daughter manages her own emotions using the RK techniques and that we have something to try when she is unable to sleep or worried about school or a new challenge is the most special thing to me.

My husband and daughter ask me for RK meditations. Relax Kids has helped me grow, learn how to slow down (and not feel guilty for that), healthy barriers and to face fears a little more. I am looking forward to what the universe has to offer me next.”

FB CalmClubwithLiz


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When I was little, in the 70s, I loved the Flip Flap MisFit books. 

A few months ago I was playing around with words and papers and came up with the idea to write a NEW BOOK that helps make positive affirmations more EXCITIFUL and MARVELSOME!

I did have lots of fun. I tried it out on my neighbour’s daughter and she loved it. I knew it would be a winner!

AFFIRMIXATIONS is a new Relax Kids book where children can now make up their own POSITACULAR and SPECMARKABLE  affirmation words with this UNITASTIC flip flap book.

This INTERESTIC book will create endless interactive fun book as children create their own FANTABULOUS vocabulary and make up new affirmations for themselves and each other.

This FABFUL split page, spiral bound book is a valuable tool kit for any classroom or home as it allows the reader to develop their imagination, have fun with SUPERCHANTING words and language and build their sense of self-worth and confidence as they experiment with different combinations of new words. 

Order your copy here today!

Have a magical day

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Let’s All Bee… 🐝

I wrote this book on holiday! 🐝

After so many requests for another book for toddlers, I’ve created a big interactive picture book Let’s All BEE 🐝…

I wrote this book a few years ago whilst on holiday in the UK. I remember my sister Maria was there and I kept asking her for ideas.

I wanted to create a fun and colourful book to make relaxation easy for little ones and help them self-regulate as they read, listen, sound, wiggle and giggle. 

Let’s All BEE 🐝…. has 14 animals friends who show them simple mindfulness techniques.

🐝 How to use:

Read at bedtime after reading a story, to help children settle before sleep. Children can pick an animal and relax and snuggle into sleep as that animal.

In  can also be used by pre school and nursery teachers. It can be used before nap time or as part of a movement/relaxation activity game. 

Children can follow the bee path to help them focus and concentration on the exercises. The book is full of movement and actions to keep children occupied before relaxing.

🐝🐝 Order your copy here today! 🐝🐝

Let’s All BEE 🐝 includes a set of 14 animal finger puppets to cut out and play with 🐝

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When I’m Feeling…

I’ve written another book and I think/hope you’ll love it.

I know many children can’t make our Relax Kids classes and so I wrote WHEN I’M FEELING as a quick fix to help children manage a wide variety of emotions.

I wanted to make it fun and interactive – like our classes and let children to mix and match their relaxation and mindfulness exercises to create their own unique story meditations. 

Children can now take full control and choose from a wide variety of nature scapes, intentions and exercises to help them move through life’s ever-changing emotions. 

Your child can take themselves off to a lake, a cave, the sea or fly through the air and practice a wide range of relaxation tools and affirmation techniques to manage their emotions and self-regulate.

Click here for more information and see the book.

I hope you love it!

Have a magical day

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What Can I Be Today?…

Do you remember the misfit books where you turned the pages to create hilarious character combinations.

Ever since I have been writing wellbeing books for children, I have strived to come up with new and exciting concepts to engage children’s busy minds.

What Can I Be Today is an interactive book where children can now create their very own unique and positive affirmations.

It really is such fun flicking through the flaps and imagining wild and wonderful positive personas as they create inspirational titles for themselves.

Here are some examples:

I am the Most Magical Wizard of the Stars who inspires everyone
I am the most Incredible Ninja of the Galaxy who loves to laugh
I am the most Wondrous Explorer of Creation who always smiles

Who wouldn’t want to be all those?!

What an amazing way to encourage self confidence and self-esteem in children!

The affirmations in What Can I Be Today can be used as inspiration for storytelling, writing, games and many more activities.

Click here to order your copy now!

Have a magical day

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💜 Congratulations to our featured coach – Katie McGreal 💜

“My name is Katie McGreal, I am in Galway and I teach Relax Kids in schools in Conamara and Galway city in Irish and English. I have been a coach for nearly 6 years. I found Relax Kids after I had done a silent meditation retreat and I found such benefit in the practice and I wanted to spread the word to more people, especially to children as the earlier we start teaching children and people to slow down and take time out the better! Our society is pushing us all the time to do this and do that and do more. Taking time out is undervalued so much but it is so necessary and so valuable! Teaching Relax Kids has reminded me to not take life so seriously. It has reminded me to have fun and that life is more enjoyable with more laughter. My greatest achievement to date is that I am able to provide this life-changing service to Gaeltacht schools in their own language. I get to go into schools all over Conamara and show the children that we can do anything in Irish and Irish isn’t just a language for school, it is also a language for relaxation and fun and play.” @solasrelaxation

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💜 Congratulations to our featured coach – Emma Vance 💜

” My name is Emma Vance, and I have been a Relax Kids coach since 2017.  I live in Dunbar (Sunny Dunny) just outside Edinburgh, on the East Coast of Scotland. 

The reason that I began my Relax Kids journey was due to my concern about the lack of mental health support and provision for teenagers. My job at the time, involved working with teenagers who needed that extra  bit of support to realise their potential, remove barriers in their life and gain a positive destination. I was part of a team that delivered employment and educational programmes for teenagers and at one point, was the team leader of Princes Trust Team programmes. I began to become quite concerned as to the number of young people presenting with Mental Health issues who had to wait months to seen by Mental Health professionals to get support. I decided I wanted to do something practical that could help and felt that Relax Kids could be a perfect solution. 

I was quite fortunate in that my children’s Primary school head teacher (immediately) after I completed my training thought that Relax Kids would be a great programme to bring into her school and secured funding. We were then able to secure funds for a full year group of 120 kids for an entire year and I have not looked back. As someone who has worked largely with primary-aged kids, I believe that early intervention is crucial. I also have been fortunate enough to deliver Just Relax workshops for adults in several settings; as part of staff development, teachers on their university teaching courses, parents’ workshops, etc. I have experience of working with social work, nurseries, after-school clubs, primary schools, beavers, brownies, and guides. I have also delivered a Relax Kids birthday party. I have also delivered Summer Relax Kids programmes on the beach, in forests, and even in a large Yurt surrounded by Alpacas. I absolutely love the variety it offers and the fact that everyone can benefit from Relax Kids, no matter what their age.

Lockdown meant a change in the way I worked, and very quickly went online with some of the schools with which I was working. I was doubtful about online delivery at the start, but soon realised that it worked much better that I expected and still made an impact, I was really pleased that children could still benefit from Relax Kids online.

I currently work on various contracts with different primary schools delivering Relax Kids on a weekly basis. I was lucky enough to gain funding to work with two young carer groups within my local school. I have worked in partnership with Active Schools since 2017, delivering 6-week blocks to primary aged children 4 times a year.

I love the Relax Kids programme as it is wonderful to see how the techniques can really benefit children. I have had so many children telling me how much the 5-finger breathing exercise has helped them get to sleep, or how much they love getting a massage at bedtime. I think it’s a win when you can also get parents to come along to a session, so that they in turn learn to how to use the techniques at home.  

I believe Relax  Kids has improved me as a parent, and I often employ the strategies with my own kids. Another success came when my child injured their ankle and said, “If I didn’t know Relax  Kids breathing techniques, I couldn’t have coped with the pain” while lying in A&E. it made me realise how crucial it is for our kids to understand how their breath may actually benefit them in a variety of circumstances. I also think the support and help we get from Relax Kids HQ is second to none. I really benefit from the Facebook groups for ideas and coming from a training background, I think it is truly amazing to see all the training materials and resources we get as part of our licence. 

I think my most special moment would have been delivering the Relax Kids session on a local beach in partnership with a couple of local organisations. It was just a perfect setting, with the waves breaking in the background. It even started raining, but none of the children complained because of how much they enjoyed the benefits of having the session on the beach.”

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💜Congratulations to our featured coach – Joanne Callan💜

Name: Joanne Callan 
Area – South Armagh/Newry.  

How I Found Relax Kids – I think it was through a Book in a holistic shop called Angel Times in Limerick.  I recently found a journal from 2009 and one of my intentions for that year was to do Relax Kids Training, things changed a lot for me that year and I didn’t actually take the Training until 2012, I travelled to Manchester and had the most amazing experience training with Marneta. Some beautiful and synchronistic opportunities arose from there and my local community were very supportive of my Relax Kids vision.  

Greatest Achievement – In 2014 I became the  Trainer in Ireland and over the next few years I also did Baby Mindful & Charge Up Training. I have trained over 400 Coaches & Teachers and in the 2021/22 School Year was delivering sessions to over 1000 Children per week.  My largest sessions was for International Day of Happiness in 2017 we had over 300 Children and my smallest class has been with just 2 children, the magic of Relax Kids is the adaptability. I also organised a Relax Kids event in Stormont – Parliament  Building’s Belfast. These have all been amazing experiences and I also feel that the greatest achievement in when a child shares their experience and how simple fun practices have empowered them in a challenging situation. 

What do I love about being a coach – Everything! Knowing I am doing what I can to make a difference for future generations and being part of the Relax Kids Community of like minded coaches and head office team who are passionate about the same things that I am. 

How has it helped me as a person.  Living the 7 Steps is the key to life.  Relax Kids has enhanced my life so much, I get to spend me day doing something I am passionate about and I have met the most incredible people over the past 10 years some who I consider my closest friends.

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The wait is over – we are excited to introduce our 4 NEW BOOKS!


Children can now make up their own POSITACULAR and SPECMARKABLE affirmation words
with this UNITASTIC flip flap book!


This self-read flap book allows children to mix and match their relaxation and mindfulness exercises to
create their own unique story meditations.


This self-read split page book allows children to create their very own unique and positive affirmations.


Let’s all Bee is a fun and interactive book that helps the under fives self-regulate and learn calming tools
as they read, listen, sound, wiggle and giggle.


Visit to get your copies and find out more information on each book!

Place your order today and you’ll be sure to have your item delivered the week of their launch on May 26th!

Don’t miss out – get your Pre-order today and you’ll be one of the first to have your hands on our fab new books
when they come out.

We hope you love them as much as we do.

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💜 Do you know a struggling teen?

Do you have or know a teen who is struggling at the moment?

We have created a new range of audios to support young people and the myriad of issues they are going through.

Each audio has 5 longer tracks that take young people on a journey through the corridors of their mind. They learn how to change their thought patterns, relax their nervous system and power up their brains.

Choose from:

REJUVENATE – struggling with low mood and depression –

REFRESH – feeling stressed and anxious –

REST- feeling overwhelmed and exhausted –   

Each track takes teens through the corridors of their mind to find a door leading to a chamber where they find all the tools and techniques they need to overcome what they are going through.

Order your copies today!

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Congratulations to our featured coach – Kath Routledge

“I found RK about 10 years ago after seeing a friend ‘like’ a Relax Kids post. I then downloaded the training pack about 30 times before finally contacting Marneta and asking a million questions!

I work on a self-employed basis in schools and pre-schools/nurseries in Basingstoke and the surrounding areas.  One day I might be working with a small group of pre-schoolers, then off to a secondary school to work with Year 10 and then off to a primary school to work with a mixed year 3/4 class.  Another day I might be working with a whole year 5 cohort and then a nursery followed by an after school club. Life is varied but that’s what I love about it.

I love being able to teach children strategies to support their mental health and wellbeing. It’s amazing seeing week on week how they progress and how sessions are helping them.

I’m so much more relaxed as a result of working as a Relax Kids coach. I used to commute to London on daily basis and was often so busy I didn’t have time to think. Now I most definitely practice what I teach!

My best moments as a coach. I was running a session as part of a holiday scheme and one of the members of staff said that she still used the techniques I taught her in year 9 (she is now in her final year of uni!) and secondly when working with a new group of Year R children we were doing the massage part and the children were doing a weather massage on their legs.  We massaged the sun and the rain and I then asked the children if they could think of any other types of weather.  One child put his hand up and said ‘snow is falling’ another put their hand up and started singing ‘all around me’ then another couple of children joined in with ‘children playing, having fun’ then the whole class burst into song!! It was like a little flash mob. You couldn’t have rehearsed that to happen in a million years.

 Best session ever!

It’s hard work being self employed but it’s the best thing I ever did!”

– Kath Routledge @relaxwithkath

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Congratulations to our featured coach – Alison Core

I’m an ex primary school teacher and have been a coach for 5 years. I first came across Relax Kids at the school I taught at as we had the lovely Rosie Dutton as a coach.

I loved the sessions – I could see the impact it had on the children and me! I came to a point where the incredible workload of teaching was intolerable so I made the huge decision to leave and took the Relax Kids training.

That was one of the best decisions I’ve made and I now work with approx 300 children a week in 5 schools and also in the community with a monthly class and 1:1s. I love seeing the children thriving and the teachers and parents sharing how their confidence and self regulation has improved.

Being a Relax  Kids coach has improved my mental health no end and I don’t get that “Sunday night” feeling anymore. I have been able to be more involved in my local community and have a great work/life balance. My most special moment was when a parent stopped me and told me I’d changed their child’s life for the better! 

– Alison Core


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Supporting Children’s Mental Health Week

February 6th-12th, 2023 marks Children’s Mental Health Week, a campaign launched in 2015 to support children and young people’s emotional well-being and mental health.

Statistics provided by Children’s Society states that 1 in 6 children are likely to have a mental health condition and 52% of 17 to 23-year-olds have experienced mental health worsening in the last five years.

Children’s Mental Health Week is a time when we can all raise awareness for the importance of healthy mental & emotional well-being. A healthy and happy mind is vital to a healthy and happy life. A positive mindset can help us cope with the challenges we face in life and allow us to connect better with others.

This year’s theme is “Let’s Connect”. Making meaningful connections, having a solid support network, and reaching out to others is essential. When we are isolated and feel alone, this negatively impacts our mental health, making us feel worse about ourselves and our situations.

No matter who you are, where you are from, or what you do – you can raise awareness for Children’s Mental Health Week.

Spread the word to at least one person this week. For more information on Children’s Mental Health Week, visit

Help your child manage their emotions with Relax Kids; find a local coach in your area: #letsconnect #childrensmentalhealthweek #place2be #relaxkids

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Congratulations to our featured coach – Nuala Groogan

” I first discovered Relax Kids when I applied to attend a one day course about supporting children’s emotional wellbeing that our local Education Authority was facilitating in 2015. I was Principal of a small rural school on the outskirts of Omagh, in the North of Ireland at that time. A few weeks earlier we had been notified that our amazing little school would close! I was devastated. I dragged myself to the course one grey November morning and bounced out, knowing that something magical had happened that day. I knew that Relax Kids resonated with me. I felt it had my name written all over it. I went home that day and knew I had a “next step”! Eventually, I booked the RK training in September 2016, began a small community class in October 2017, and my teeny side hustle has grown to become my main job. I followed up with Baby Mindful and Charge Up Training in 2020.

I now work three days in schools, playgroups and nurseries offering sessions to whole classes, nurture groups, one-to-one sessions and offer teacher and parent workshops too.

As an educator, and a literacy specialist teacher, I see the holistic benefits of Relax Kids:

💜Language & Literacy development

💜 Physical skills development

💜 Turn taking

💜 Working together

💜Building empathy

💜 Problem-Solving

💜 Supporting Personal Development and so much more…..

I am living my best life, following these magical 7 steps, and most importantly helping to support children develop strong hearts & calm minds. I also offer Parent Consultations, Family Sessions & 1-2-1 support. My greatest joy is hearing from the children & parents how these simple but powerful strategies have helped.”

– Nuala Groogan

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Bonfire Night tomorrow!

I am sure you will all be celebrating from tonight onwards, so let’s make the most out of Bonfire’s Evening! Here are our top tips for a fantastic fireworks night.

Dress up for the occasion: it’s getting rather chilly outside, so ensure that you wrap up well. Scarves, gloves and thick coats are essential to staying warm away from the Bonfire.

Be safe – If you are going to an event, it should be marked where you can stand so that you are not near where the fireworks are being set off. The same works at home. Take note of the instructions set on the fireworks boxes.

Don’t forget your Thermos – get some lovely hot chocolate organised for everyone. Don’t forget your plastic cups and mugs: they are safer. If you drop them in the dark, they won’t smash everywhere and cause a hazard.

Build the Guy – You can all work together as a family to build a Guy to take to your local bonfire evening, using old clothes, newspapers and the like. Whilst there, you may find more items of clothes that you no longer use: why not donate these to charity?

Be eco-friendly – Do not burn household waste, as it can produce dangerous fumes. Also, did you know the closer you can build your Bonfire to lighting, the better (as it reduces the risk to animals!)

Fireworks Art – If you stay in, create your own fireworks show! Put sheets of black sugar paper down and flick coloured paints over them. Then just add glitter! (Adding PVA glue to the paint will help the glitter stick even better).

Yummy Treats – why not cut some bananas in half and place chocolate in the middle? Then, wrap in foil and warm in the embers! Make sure that a parent is the one handling the cooking!

You might like to listen to a Relax Kids album together when you are in from the evening. – All our MP3 albums are available to purchase instantly from

Have a fantastic time

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Here is a Wizardy relaxation perfect for this Halloween! 

Close your eyes, be very still and imagine you are standing in front of a pot. You are surrounded by all sorts of bottles and potions. You are making a potion to help you relax and be peaceful. Take some of the bottles and trickle some of the liquids and sprinkle some of the powders into the bubbling pot. You can see beautiful blue smoke coming out of the huge pot, and you know that your peace spell is nearly ready: just a dash of this and a sprinkle of that. When you have added all your secret ingredients, take a big spoon and sip just a drop of the powerful liquid. It tastes so sweet and feels cool on the tongue. Instantly your whole mouth starts to relax. The beautiful feeling of peace starts to spread all over your cheeks and forehead.

Your eyes start to feel deliciously heavy and relaxed. Your neck also feels relaxed and peaceful. This must be a strong and powerful potion, as the feeling of peace is spreading fast into every cell and organ of your body. Your heart feels calm and peaceful. You can feel your heartbeats getting slower. Your lungs feel peaceful as your breathing slows down and becomes soft. Your tummy relaxes completely and becomes peaceful. Your arms and legs also become peaceful as the strong spell takes effect.

Soon you are covered in a glow of soft peace. The feeling of peace has affected you so deeply. It feels as if you are in a blue bubble of peace. You feel so calm and so silent. It feels lovely to be peaceful. Stay there for as long as you can and enjoy the spell of peace. Repeat to yourself in your mind, “I am relaxed, I am relaxed, I am relaxed, I am relaxed”. Breathe in. Breathe out. You feel calm and relaxed.

For more Wizardy meditations purchase our Halloween bundle on our website or send us a DM for link. We also have 50% off selected Relax Kids CDs until 31st October. #happyhalloween #relaxkids #freemeditation #wizard #relaxationforkids #childrenswellbeing

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👻 Spooky Offer for Halloween 

Halloween is one of the most exciting times of the year, but the mix of spooky scares, excitement and sugar can be the recipe for some very tired and hyperactive children.

If you are need help calming your children in the run up to Halloween and bringing them down after a sugar rush, we have created a special Wizard pack.

This pack includes our Best Selling Wizard MP3 and a selection of Halloween themed downloadable relaxation activities. It is most suitable for children between the ages of 4 and 9. 

Grab your Wizard Pack NOW for only £8.99 (worth £17.99)

Click to download: WIZARD PACK

The Wizard MP3 has 16 engaging meditations for children who love magic and enchantment – including  the Magic Unicorn, The Magician’s Wand and The Invisible Cloak. 

These meditations have been specially written to develop the imagination and will fill children’s minds with peace and positivity long after Halloween has ended.

Bring some magic into your house with our Wizard pack – ONLY £8.99

Offer ends Midnight Monday 7th November 2022.

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LOVE your Business

12th October 2022, 8pm UK Time

When you love what you do, it doesn’t feel like work. Let’s talk about tips and steps we can take to fall in love with our business everyday so we can love what we do and do it with love.

For licenced coaches only – Zoom details can be found in Business Zoom Meetings, on the portal.

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We are having a major clearout of all our stuff at RK HQ. Some very random bits and pieces that could be useful for anyone running classes. Some things we have had for years. We may only have one item of one thing and 20 of another.

More info will be coming soon!! 

But I want to give you all a heads up as it will be on the Coach Store so first come first served…

*keep an eye out for updates via email, chat and coach news (on the portal)


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Coach Call

KICKSTART your Business

The next Coach Call will be on Wednesday 14th September at 8pm UK time. All coaches in licence will see the link for the ZOOM in the “Business ZOOM Meetings” section on the portal.

Marneta looks forward to welcoming you back after the summer break.

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Calm Picture

Here is a great exercise you can do at home this bank holiday:

Calm Picture Write the word CALM as large as possible and let your child colour in the word. They can add pictures of things that help them feel calm. Let them use calming colours – anything to create an image of calm. Tell children to stare at the picture and see how calm they can feel. Then ask them to close their eyes and make the picture very small – like a postage stamp. Tell children they can keep this little picture anywhere they like in their body – heart, head, and finger. Whenever they are feeling stressed and anxious, they can look at their calm picture and feel calm.

If you liked this exercise, we have lots of activities in our Colour ME colouring book.
Click here to find out more!

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Happy Easter From Relax Kids

After all the fun of easter egg hunts, easter games, and lots and lots of chocolate, there’s no better time to do some relaxation!

Try these Spring time exercises at home:

Easter Egg – Imagine that you are a chocolate easter egg outside in the sunshine. You feel yourself melting slowly.
Feel your whole body becoming relaxed and letting go as you melt and sink further into the floor.

Green Breaths – Lie down on the floor or bed and put your hand on your tummy. Breathe in and out gently and feel your tummy rising and falling. Now, as you breathe in, imagine you are breathing green light. It feels very calming and peaceful. Now breathe the green light out into the room. Fill the whole room with soft green light. Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out.

Butterfly Massage – You may like to try these massage strokes on your child’s back or encourage siblings to give each other a relaxing massage. Imagine your thumbs are a caterpillar crawling up your child’s spine. Slowly and gently walk up the sides of the spine like a caterpillar. Walk right up to the neck and down again. Now, rub the back to warm it up. Finally practice some butterfly strokes and flutter your fingers all over your child’s head, neck and back.

For more free relaxation exercises, download our FREE Wellbeing Pack.

There is also still time to download our Easter Pack. It’s FREE and filled with lots of Easter fun! Click Here.

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Activities for Easter Holidays

Here are some simple and fun activities to do with the children this Easter holiday!

Themed walks 

Complete a ‘colour palette walk’ and note down the shades and tones you spot. 

A ‘Fruits of the Forest’ walk would allow children to collect stones, leaves and other special gifts from nature. You could even plan a ‘Treasure Hunt’ or an Easter Egg hunt where you could create a route together with your child and have a gift set up at the finish line for reaching your final destination! 

Holiday Journal 

Try and see how many different types of leaves you can find. These can then be taken home and pressed into a lovely spring scrapbook to which all the family can contribute. Write poems and stories inspired by the break. 

Easter picnics 

Pack a basket full of your favourite foods and set out a blanket in your lounge or get out in the garden or park.

Forest sculptures 

Construct your own statue using things found from mother nature. 

Plant something 

Give something back to nature, whether it is something you have found on one of your holiday adventures or the seeds from your fruits Remember to thank the great outdoors for the fun it has provided you with over this break.   Have a listen to the tracks below.

Winding Down 

The Relax Kids Nature Meditations CD / MP3 is a great way to finish off those busy days and relax your children and yet preserve their encounter with the great outdoors, in a productive, comforting way. 

Have a Mindful with our FREE Easter Pack including Family Rituals, Affirmation Cards, Colouring Sheet and Magic Seeds exercise. Download your Easter Pack Here

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Supporting children after the Pandemic

We are living in incredible times and the last two years has left many children are needing a little extra mental and emotional support to help them be the best they can be. 

The new Relax Kids ME range has been developed to help children of all ages feel more rested, reassured and resilient.

These unique meditations are beautiful imagination aids to help induce states of relaxation, build life long skills and give children permission to enjoy quiet times and downtimes. 

There are 7 titles in the range – each one created to support the various challenges that our modern day children are dealing with. 

Calm ME  – for fearful thoughts, overwhelm and stressful moments

Boost ME – for negative self-talk, self-doubt and low self- esteem 

Soothe ME – for difficult bedtimes and restless sleep

Motivate ME – for low moods, lack of interest and mental fatigue

Focus ME – for scattered brains, wandering thoughts and concentration struggles

Cool ME – for hot heads, tense moments and dealing with life’s irritations 

Comfort ME – for anxious feelings, low moods and sad days

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5 Ways To Improve Your Happiness

The 20th of March marks International Day of Happiness, a day which is celebrated worldwide to inspire and encourage a global happiness movement. Happiness is one of the most important emotions and this year’s theme is ‘sharing happiness’ – focusing on the importance of relationships, kindness and helping each other.

At the best of times, some of us struggle to express our happy emotions, so here at Relax Kids Head Office, we’ve created a short list of five ways to improve our happiness.


Meditation is a fantastic way to channel your happiness. Try to take anywhere from three to five minutes in the morning or evening to clear your mind through meditation. It’s also a perfect way to reduce stress and improve concentration.

Gratitude Lists

How often do you take a moment to look back on what you are grateful for? It’s common for a lot of us to take things for granted and not appreciate how lucky we are compared to others. Writing a small list of things you are grateful for each evening, such as the clothes you are wearing or the roof over your head, can help build your happiness.

Start a Journal

Similar to gratitude lists, writing on a piece of paper helps you visualise. Purchase a nice notebook and a pen and begin to write a journal. Note down what is affecting you, what your goals are or even just what you have done that day.

Random Acts of Kindness

Sometimes there is no better way to make you happy than making others happy, that feeling you get is like no other. We suggest trying to commit random acts of kindness as much as you possibly can. No matter how big or small, no act of kindness is ever wasted. Whether you do something small like give up your seat on the train, or whether it’s something more substantial like paying for the coffee for the person behind you in the queue. Each act of kindness is going to boost your happiness significantly.

Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the ability to be fully present in the moment. It allows you to take note of some of the small aspects you’d never think to notice. And one of the best things about mindfulness is that you can be mindful anywhere! Next time you’re walking, try to take note of the sounds you hear, the colours you see, the feeling of the ground under your feet. Or when you are eating, take notice of the textures, the flavours and the different colours of the food.

What would you add to the list of ways to improve happiness?

Our Elevator of Happiness album is the perfect for celebrating World Happiness Day, You can purchase the CD or MP3 from our online store.

Also why not read our book – How to be Happy. It’s packed with lots of activities to help us be happy all year round.
You can purchase the book here.

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 Deep Breathing – tools to manage stress 

Deep breathing is a fantastic way to help manage stress and anxiety. It is impossible to be in a state of high emotion when breathing deeply.

Here are some simple tips to encourage your child to breathe deeply.

1. Encourage your child to take in conscious deep breaths. You can model this, showing them how to breathe in deeply, keeping the shoulders down and breathe out as slowly as possible. (in through the nose and out through the mouth).

2. As they take in a deep breath through their nose, ask them to tighten and relax different parts of the body. You could turn this into a relaxing game by calling out different body parts – jaw, face, arm, lips, shoulders, toes, hands, legs.

3. Ask your child to imagine the breath is a colour and let them breathe that colour in.

4. They could imagine the breath is their favourite smell as they breathe in deeply and slowly.

5. Your child could imagine the breath is warm or cool as they take in their deep breaths.

6. As they breathe out, they could hum or hiss like a snake softly and slowly.

7. Encourage children to be aware of their tension and stress so when they feel tense they can self nurture and breathe in deeply and send their breath to that part of the body.

We do incorporate breathing exercises in our Relax Kids audios – you could try our Relax and De-stress album.

Click here for the Relax and De-stress MP3
Click here for the Relax and De-Stress CD

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Happy Pancake Day!

Pancake Day is a wonderful family tradition.

Pancake day is here – but whether you are opting for home made treats or shop bought batter, get stuck in and enjoy this great day! Traditionally Shrove Tuesday was the beginning of lent – where you use up your flour, eggs and butter. It is now widely celebrated all over the world, with other countries favouring more savoury fillings – including chickpeas, salmon, curry, salad and more!

Pancake day doesn’t have to be an unhealthy one. You can still use it as an opportunity to give your kids 1 of their 5 a day. I love bananas and chopped nuts with my pancakes, but other options could include warm apple and cinnamon, tinned fruits, dried fruits with a big blob of natural yoghurt or for the chocoholics amongst you, Nutella is a fab way of getting that cocoa fix and some of your calcium for the day!

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FREE Daily Meditation for you!

From Monday morning, Marneta will be running a LIVE morning meditation each morning at 6.30 am (UK time) on the @relaxkidsofficial Facebook page. We have been doing this daily for in a paid club but we are now offering this free for all to help you during these troubling times.

Here is the link to join us.

Please do join or watch the replay when you can. We hope that the meditations will bring some calm to you and peace to places that need it.

Please feel free to share with your friends – meditation really can bring peace to this world

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Lose Yourself In Your Own Adventures

Before going to bed, you want to be able to switch off and be calm, in order to get the perfect nights sleep. If you are restless and have things playing on your mind, you’re not going to get a good quality rest.

‘The Dream Machine’ can help us settle down for the night. With 100,000 combinations of story meditation, there are so many journeys to get yourself lost in. You can choose from a number of portals, such as the yellow haze, the green smoke, the purple sky and blue glass, just to name a few.

From there, you can take your magic carpet to beautiful destinations such as the woods of enchantment, whispering grasslands, the rainbow waterfall or the sleepy stream, where you can allow yourself to feel the warmth of the sun and let yourself completely relax.

Going on your own unique adventure will allow all your thoughts to float through your mind, letting you feel calm and quiet.

If you want to pick up a copy of ‘The Dream Machine’, you can do so here.

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Where will your adventure take you?

Sometimes there is no better feeling than reading a book you just can’t put down and that is exactly what the folks over at Relax Kids Lancaster are experiencing at the minute.

Stefanie’s son was settling down for bed after a long day and needed a way to relax. Relax Kids new book, The Dream Machine, was the perfect way to allow him to unwind and feel calm. The Dream Machine is like no other book you’ve ever read before. Stefanie said: ‘you get to chose your own adventure, how you travel and who you meet by following the pages’.

Her son was so pleased with the book, he said he ‘didn’t like it, he LOVED it!’.

We are so excited about The Dream Machine being published and it’s amazing to see how many children and their parents are loving every page.

You can pick up your copy here

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Teaching children about positive touch

Scientists link massage with calm and relaxation

Massage is a lovely way to help children relax, as well as teaching them about positive and negative touch.

The skin is full of nerve endings which respond to touch, positive and negative, which is what makes gentle massage feel so nice. However, scientists have recently been able to link massage to relaxation and feelings of calm.

India Morrison, a neuroscientist at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden has reported that the findings imply social touch is not simply nice, but that it has calming power in the context of something less-than-wonderful.

Massage is one of the 7-steps of a Relax Kids class. It helps children learn to respect each other and themselves, and is a lovely, calming way to build confidence, relax and make friends. Children ask permission before giving a massage, and say thank you when they receive a massage.

Children use very gentle massage strokes and learn to be kind and gentle with one another. Children love the massage section of a Relax Kids class.

“If someone’s not your friend and you give them a massage, then they become your friend after that.”- Emma (age 9)

Massage teaches children important emotional skills that they can apply to other areas of their life.

“I run Relax Kids sessions with Young Carers who look after their disabled parents. The young carers have reported back to me following a session that they have gone home and used the massage strokes on their disabled parents. Amazing!” – Gill, Relax Kids coach.

To learn more about the 7 steps of a Relax Kids class or find a class near you, visit our class page.

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Colour ME Book

Mindful colouring is good for your child’s brain

Research has shown that mindful colouring can bring a number of benefits for both children and adults.  A recent 2019 study in University of the West of England looked into the benefits of colouring on the mind. Volunteers were asked to either spend 20 minutes reading or 20 minutes colouring in. They were then asked questions about their mood and mindfulness. The research showed that, compared to reading, colouring reduced higher levels of anxiety, and greater improved mindfulness.

Mindful colouring benefits:

  • Helps decrease anxiety and stress and boosts moods
  • Helps improve concentration and help children stay present and focussed in the moment

    Mindful colouring a great activity that can be done alone or with the whole family. There is no doubt mindful colouring helps improve attention and helps children focus on the present as they breathe slowly and deeply

Colour ME encourages children to step into the world of their imagination as they colour. There over 100 pages of creative colouring activities – perfect for children of all ages who love colouring.

Order your Colour Me Book here: Colour Me Book

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Featured Coach – Viv Foster

Read Viv’s story of how she handed in her notice, set up her new Relax Kids business in lockdown that has now reached over 850 and is loving her work.

Viv has had a 30 year career working with children in various settings including nurseries, mainstream primary, special needs schools as well as in the volunteer sector. Having seen how the education system has changed with a greater focus on achieving excellent results with tests, exams, and regular assessments, this pushed her look for a wellbeing programme that supports the less achieving students.

“I decided to retrain as a Relax Kids coach, and I gained my certification two weeks before the first lockdown. I was full of enthusiasm and then the world shut down! It was a challenging time for everyone, and I did feel frustrated at times as I was all ready to ply my trade as a coach. I really believed in the program and found myself turning to the 7 steps as my confidence and enthusiasm was dwindling. I had no client base, but this did not stop me, I delivered classes to friends and family. September came and we were back in school. I was given just a couple of slots a week in the school that I worked at.

I knew in my heart that Relax Kids is what I wanted to do so I handed my notice in and decided to focus purely on my new venture. I completed my Baby Mindful training, and I am close to finishing my Charge up online training. I did deliver some adults classes via zoom once covid restrictions were eased then proceeded to deliver classes indoors. During the summer evenings I was able to deliver classes by a private lake, it was beautiful and an amazing experience for all of us, the ladies attended even when it rained.

The summer holidays arrived, and I offered to do some free sessions for Essex County Councils Activate programme. This is a free club for low-income families and the children receive a free hot meal at every session. Active Essex loved Relax Kids and have now booked classes all over the county for after school clubs and are enquiring about Christmas clubs too! I have been able to share the work with other coaches in the county.

My aim is to become more visible as I want parents / carers and schools to know we are here ready to support them. I believe in Relax kids and the ethos they represent so even with the world shutting down I continued in whatever way I could. Starting a new business through a world lockdown sounds crazy but by thinking creatively and never giving up is proving dividends as I am developing a healthy client base. I am supporting children back into schools, helping them through their anxieties, building confidence and their self-esteem.

I now run classes in a local school and have a waiting list for 1-1 classes as well as working with the activate programmes. Since I qualified, I have delivered classes to over 850 children and adults, wow that makes me smile! It has been such a brilliant change of career for me. I feel so proud to say I am helping children and adults manage in this ever-changing stressful world we are living in. I also have all my enthusiasm back for a job I love. I am planning new ways to promote my classes and I look forward to working as a team to spread the Relax Kids message all over Essex.”

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Development Journal

💜 As part of your coach license, we will be giving you access to the Development Journal

💜 The PDF journal will be added to your portal.

💜 You will also be able to buy a copy from the shop and just pay P&P

💜 It’s really important in business to have a clear plan so you know exactly where you want to be and create steps to get there.

💜 This journal will help you make a plan for the whole of next year as well as help you check you make time for fun and relaxation.

💜 It is beautifully designed by Amber Relax-Kids and I hope you love it. 💜

Please note: this journal is strictly for personal use and is not to be copied or shared in any way.💜💜

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Success Club

I have been thinking recently about how to support you all better. I want you all to succeed and have the same opportunity to succeed. So, I’m going to be giving coaches the Success Club (worth £149) FREE with your license.

The Success Club has confidence training, money mindset training, personal and business marketing development. There are 6 modules which will be released each license period.

Also, I have another exciting announcement for next week.

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💜 is your head too full?

Is your head hurting with info?

One of the biggest problems we have today is the constant assault of information filling our minds and jostling for our attention.

Could meditation really be the answer?

When I first learnt to meditate 40 years ago, it was so much easier – the only distraction was my Jackie magazine and waiting for someone to call the dial up phone.

Now our lives are full and minds are full.

If you have tried meditation and found it too hard, you might like to try a different way.

Each weekday, I will be offering a LIVE meditation.

Read more about it here: MEDITATION CLUB

Wishing you a magical day and a peaceful mind,

P.S. if you feel your head is hurting with info and you need to pause, click here: MEDITATION CLUB

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💜 do you need more support?

We had a lovely meet up last night and there were so many success stories. We have put these up on Facebook and on the coach news on the portal if you would like to read.

We have been developing a few things to help support your personal and business development. Of course, as always these are all entirely optional and you can cherry pick the ones you feel you need at this time and join or leave as you need.

We have options for daily, weekly and monthly support for you.

Wake with Meditation Clear your head, manage your anxiety and feel in control each day
Join a daily (week day) meditation group where I will be creating powerful meditations for you LIVE

Ignite your Creative Spark Manage your stress levels and feelings with creativity each week
Join a weekly personal development/art and relaxation session. This is a great opportunity to take an hour out go within.

Success ClubBuild your confidence and develop your business, feel supported personally and professionally twice a month
We have created a support system that can help you develop in your business and personal life. This is great if you need to be accountable and want to get to the next level. It includes a 6 month course and 2 monthly support calls.

Join a Development Day and plan out your next business steps

Here is the link to more info about all our support options


We are working on more things to support coaches and will let you know as soon as it’s ready.

Have a magical day,
Marneta and RK Team

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💜 Need support? Need your coach community?

I went to see Russell Brand’s show last week. He is such a marmite maverick but one key theme he talked about was community and how it is important to stay in contact with people on your wave length. 

We know community is key to our mental health and as coaches your mental health is priority. 

On September 28th at 8pm we are having a Coach Catch Up Community Call and I would love you to come. 

Come if you are starting or advanced, come if you are in license or not, come if you run classes or not, come if you think you need it or not. 

It would be so lovely to see all your faces again.

Coach Catch-Up Community Call

Date and Time:
Sep 28, 2021 20:00 UK TIME
ZOOM Link:
Meeting ID:
868 1338 9798

Sending you lots of purple hugs,

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Featured Coach – Mandy Worsley

Mandy found her life purpose as The Calm Consultant

After working for 26 years as a paediatric nurse in the NHS, Mandy became self-employed as a well-being specialist working with children and families.

Mandy has collected all the jigsaw pieces of her life’s work and put them together to create a beautiful package for families with her company Mini Minds Matter and has her book and Pod Cast launching this year so she can reach even more families around the world.

Mandy trained as a Relax Kids coach, Baby Mindful coach ChargeUp coach and Parent coach as well as having additional qualifications in holistic health practices including fertility. 

Over the past 5 years she has worked in local primary schools, nurseries, private 1-2-1 work with families and referrals from local adoption teams. This work and the need for support has increased during the Covid pandemic and I have been able to take her Relax Kids work online. 

My life purpose is to help children understand their brain and body connections so they can be in control of their emotional and physical health. I work mainly with children and families who have experienced the care system. I am an adoptive parent (15 years 2 kids now age 16 and 14) baby foster carer, current baby 10 months old. I have worked closely with an adoption charity for 12 years, local authorities in the north west for 10 years and currently Barnardos as Vice Chair on the adoption panel.

Since leaving the NHS 5 years ago I have been able to pursue my life purpose with the help support and wonderful community of Relax Kids coaches and head office team. 

It’s feels amazing to be doing a job I love as it doesn’t feel like work at all, every day is different and it makes me feel happy to help so many children and make a real lasting difference in their lives. What lead me to leave the NHS after 26 years was a culture of negativity which effected my own mental Heath and I no longer felt a love and passion for the work I was doing as my role from hands on face to face support of children and families had diminished so much and my time was spent in meeting and doing paperwork which did not light up my soul.

If you would like to put all the jigsaw pieces of your life together, click below for more information about our training:


If you have any questions, you are welcome to book in a call with Marneta.


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Find a Coach

We have completed the Find a Coach page but before we make it live it would be good if you could fill in the MY PROFILE page on the Coach Portal, if you have not already done so…

Be nice to have more photos and bios…

Please let me know asap if the county/state you are in is not listed and I will get it added to the list. 

Here is what it will look like.

If you click on details your bio will come up, and if you click on contact it takes straight to email.

Thank you for your patience with us getting all these functions working for you. 💜

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Let’s Chat!

We have set up a Relax Kids Coach Zoom room so we can have a cuppa and a chat next week.

Our meet ups are always lots of fun and it is so nice to meet up with other coaches especially if you work alone.

Come with a cup of tea (or something stronger) and notebooks and pens.

If you have any questions you would like to ask me, please email and we will try and answer as many as we can.

Here are the details.


August 3rd 8pm (UK time)
Meeting ID: 854 3278 4181
Passcode: RK

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💜 Do you want to go up a gear?

Would you like the opportunity to go to the next level?

Do you feel you need to re-energise yourself, build your confidence and get your mojo back?

Would you love to spend a day with like-minded motivated coaches to help you develop your skills?

Find out more about our new and updated Online Development Day where you can build your innovative skills, become more resourceful and you create the business you really want.

Find out more here:


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Featured Coach – Lynne Byrne

Experience of working in a CAMHS environment, helped families manage their emotions and live happier lives – Lynne Byrne 

My name is Lynne and I have been a Relax Kids coach for just over two years. I am originally from Dublin and living in Kildare, Ireland. 

I came across Relax Kids on social media while I was working in CAMHS. I dealt with parents on a daily basis who were struggling with looking for supports for their children who were suffering from stress and anxiety. Many of these children did not have a diagnosis and I could see parents were left with no follow up support after an assessment. We all suffer with stress and anxiety at some stage in our lives and we all need to learn to manage this stress and this anxiety.

When I researched Relax Kids, I found it embodied everything that these parents and carers were looking for. The entire ethos of Relax Kids and its seven steps benefiting childrens concentration, self-esteem, confidence and teaching them how to self-regulate. I have always believed that confidence is one of the greatest gifts you can give any child as if they believe in themselves, they can accomplish anything. If they can understand their feelings and emotions and regulate them that would be so powerful.

Once I completed the training, I began teaching classes in the community, in schools and in creches. As a Relax Kids coach, I have been able to offer classes for kids as young as 3 in preschool and have run magical adventure classes for those aged 4-9, Chill skills for those aged 9-12. These have all been so amazing and fun to facilitate. 

I have been teaching this year remotely through Zoom in schools and have been doing classes through our local Libraries which has been a great platform for reaching so many people and offering free classes to those in the community. I am really looking forward to getting back into schools and the community and teaching face to face. 
I absolutely love working as a Relax Kids coach as I have seen how these simple tools and techniques can be used by children and seen how they can benefit them long term. I have personally seen the benefits of using these tools in my home. I am a parent to three children ages 6, 10 and 13. 

My six-year-old has benefited so much growing up with Relax Kids and it has helped at every stage such as starting school and most recently dealing with the pandemic. My vision for Relax Kids is to bring it to every school as part of the curriculum and reach as many children as possible giving them the tools to manage their emotions and live happier lives. 

My six-year-old daughter was in school one day and her friend lost her pencil case and was very upset and crying. She told her friend to do her five-finger breathing and that would help her feel better. Her friend tried this and said it did not work. So she told her to do some deep belly breathing and she showed her how to do this. My daughter said while practicing this her friend started to laugh and felt much better and then they went looking for her pencil case together. 

My tip for any coach starting off is to GO FOR IT

There are so many ways that you can deliver Relax Kids and there is so much support from fellow coaches. Our children need these supports and these tools after the difficult year they have had and you could be the one that gets to provide these supports for them. 

I have just recently completed the Baby Mindful and Charge Up courses online and I am so looking forward to bringing these classes to the community also.

Lynne Byrne

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Featured Coach – Tracey Bedford-King

Here is Relax Kids coach Tracey Bedford-King sharing her story. Tracey has recently set up a Chill and Chat cafe with a Relax Kids space for children to relax in.

‘As a child I had very little confidence or self-esteem. I was bullied most days at school and didn’t have a great childhood. As an adult I was emotionally abused by my husband and felt I had very little worth. Eventually I made some changes in my life and ended my marriage. I still struggled with alcohol addiction but eventually overcame this through supportive friends.

I wanted to do something more positive. I had begun working with children with special needs and felt like there was something more that I needed to do. I searched the internet for ways to help relax children and came across Relax Kids. I couldn’t afford to do the course but desperately wanted to do it, and within a few weeks I received the exact amount that I needed for the course from the government which was apparently owed to me as they’d been underpaying my benefits for a long time!

Training as a Relax Kids coach slowly began to give me more confidence and build my self-esteem to the point where I was taking on roles in the community which I previously felt that I wasn’t worthy of or capable of.

I started a Bachelor degree in special needs which I have since graduated from and I have set up a community cafe called Chill and Chat cafe where other people can get experience and confidence.

Now, I have decided to stand as a councillor candidate in my local area as I want to be able to help more people to live better lives.

If it wasn’t for becoming a Relax Kids coach, I don’t think I would have grown in confidence as I have done, and I really don’t think that I’d be doing all the work that I am doing in my community.

Tracey Bedford-King

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Featured Coach – Roger Banks

My name is Roger and I have been a Relax Kids coach since September 2020 to say that it has been an interesting experience would be a slight understatement! 

I did my training with Aislinn in Manchester on February 1st 2020 when the world was a completely different place. I remember vividly, wandering from my hotel room down High Street past a cat café through a bustling city centre to grab a chicken doner and chips from the Turkish Grill (you can take the boy out of Newcastle and all that). Nobody that night had any idea what was coming furthermore the coaches doing the training the following day could not have predicted how important our work was going to become in the era of COVID.

My journey to Relax Kids was after 15-years in primary education and was sparked by returning to the UK from a stint working at the British School of Amsterdam. For almost three years I had lived in a school bubble where children had time and space to express themselves. The culture of the country and the school meant that wellness was further up the agenda and children had more freedom and time to explore and express themselves. This was in stark contrast to the pace at which modern UK primary schools work where the demand on all staff and pupils is huge. 

However, starting my own business in the midst of a global pandemic did not seem like the wisest thing to do and I almost committed to another year of teaching but after receiving encouragement from my family and my school I went for it. This isn’t normal behaviour on my part, I’m very risk averse by nature. I saw the academic year out and started delivering Relax Kids sessions in September 2020 as planned and I have not looked back.

When schools were fully open my in-person sessions had to be COVID-secure which involved a lot of extra preparation in terms of hygiene and risk assessments which took time and money initially but once I was set up the in-person sessions went really well and the feedback was positive. This was at the beginning of what is now a year of measures and the need for what we do is even greater. 

Now we are in a place where many children have not had consistent school for months; parents are balancing work and home-schooling; meeting friends is not possible and there seems to be only a chink of light at the end of the tunnel. Tensions are high. What has kept me going is my online sessions and the feedback from children and parents. From January, I have been building my online presence and gaining confidence in delivering sessions through Zoom, Teams and Google Meet. The feedback about children looking forward to the next session, wanting a session again the next day and parents telling me that it was the first time in months that their child had been relaxed has really validated the choice I made back in February 2020.

I often read the Coaches Chat on Facebook and there are so many coaches out there who are in that place I found myself a couple of months ago. Scared to take the plunge. There is so much support out there for you from fellow coaches who will support you in the most amazing ways to give you the confidence or just a gentle push to go for it.

The impact you can make is priceless and the only cost is a little faith in yourself. Your role as a coach is going to become even more important in the post-COVID landscape; now is the time to make those connections with local schools and community groups. 

Go for it!

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Supporting Children in 2021

Our society is facing a mental health and wellbeing crisis.

By becoming a Relax Kids coach you could become part of the much needed solution.

Families and schools are facing more anxiety and stress than ever before and our unique system can help support so many families and teachers.

If you are looking to change your job or take the next steps in your career or add skills to your existing wellbeing business, our training could just be for you.

Our 7-step system is so versatile and you can use it with a variety of children, adults and situations. 

Our certified Relax Kids coaches help support parents, schools, youth centres and childrens charities.

Find out more about how to become a Relax Kids coach and make a difference in your community.

Find all the information you will need about our Online Training here: Relax Kids Online Training Opportunities

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Watch ‘The Monster Experiment’ play

It’s Children’s Mental Health Week (Feb 1st-7th) and to show our support we are delighted to give you exclusive FREE access to The Monster Experiment interactive play. The 30 min play is full of fun, slapstick, songs, tools and exercises to help your child manage their anxiety, fear and angry monsters during these difficult times. 

“The Monster Experiment” was written by Marneta Viegas, creator of Relax Kids, and adapted for live performance and screen by Gillian Fitzsimmons and Katy Huckfield with the invaluable help and enthusiasm of our film “crew” Gordon Sutton.

We wanted to bring this little movie to children as quickly as we could, because our live performances in schools were cut short, and we had limited time and resources and were operating under Covid restrictions. 

To get access, email at The Monster Experiment HQ and we will send you the exclusive link.

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Colour ME

Mindful colouring is good for your child’s brain

Research has shown that mindful colouring can bring a number of benefits for both children and adults. 

A recent 2019 study in University of the West of England looked into the benefits of colouring on the mind. Volunteers were asked to either spend 20 minutes reading or 20 minutes colouring in. They were then asked questions about their mood and mindfulness. The research showed that, compared to reading, colouring reduced higher levels of anxiety, and greater improved mindfulness.

Mindful colouring benefits:

  • Provides a brain break and gives the mind a much needed rest from technology 
  • Helps decrease anxiety and stress and boosts moods
  • Helps improve concentration and help children stay present and focussed in the moment
  • Mindful colouring a great activity that can be done alone or with the whole family
  • There is no doubt mindful colouring helps improve attention and helps children focus on the present as they breathe slowly and deeply

Our new digital colouring book Colour ME encourages children to step into the world of their imagination as they colour.

There are 62 pages of creative colouring activities – perfect for children of all ages who love colouring.
Order you Colour Me Digital Book here: Colour Me Book

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CD for Nature Lovers

Getting back to nature has become one of our lockdown silver linings as we all value how important being close to nature is. Forest bathing, cloud watching and wild swimming is all on the rise. 

When we are in nature, we breathe better, we feel better and think better. As our body and minds do not know the difference between being in nature, children can now get all the healthy benefits without even needing to put on their coats! 

Bring all the benefits of being in nature, straight to their bedroom. 

As our body and minds do not know the difference between being in nature or imagining being there, children can get an endorphin kick and immunity boost. 

Nature was one of our most popular CDs and it has been out of stock for a few year. 

We have given it a make over with beautiful new music and a new cover and will be releasing our Limited Edition Nature CD.

The CD includes 16 calming nature relaxation that help soothe anxieties and calm the nerves. 
Examples include: lying in the soft grass, sitting in a peaceful cave and flying like a bird. These relaxations aim to develop confidence and creativity. 

This CD is designed to engage children while introducing them to relaxation and simple stress-management techniques.

Nature is good for our health and this nature CD is good for our mental health.

Here are a few testimonials from Nature CD lovers:
We have thoroughly enjoyed the Nature meditations CD. I have been recommending it to all parents I know – Parent

My 10 year old son was finding it difficult to get to sleep and was often still awake at midnight. After success with the Nature meditations CD, we now have 2 more and Jack really enjoys picking which one to listen to and choosing which track to start on. Each night is a new meditation adventure for him instead of being a nightmare – Parent

I am a teacher and bought this cd to use for relaxation after PE lessons. The children are in reception and it is an excellent resource – Teacher

Buy your CD here: NATURE CD

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Tea and Coffee Break CDs

Helping Parents Take a Break

After two decades of producing meditations for children and we have been inundated with requests to create CDs for adults.
After a long wait, our two Limited Edition CDs for adults are here! 
Tea Break – calming relaxations and Coffee Break – energising meditations.
Take some time out, inset your retro biscuit CD into your retro CD player and take your mind back to calmer days.
The CDs aim to support adults mental health and wellbeing by encouraging regular moments of calm. 

We know you will love them.

You can purchase the CDs here: Tea Break and Coffee Break CDs

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PowerUp – Hiit for the Mind

HiiT (High Intensity Interval Training) has become a very popular method of exercise for the body where people exercise in short bursts. 

For a while, I have wanted to create something for young people where they can practice mind exercises and develop their mental muscles in short burst so helping strengthen and condition their mind and develop good mental health. 

Using simple mindfulness exercises, visualizations, breathing exercises and positive affirmations PowerUp helps boost mental hygiene and encourages brain health so helping them feel calmer and more in control.

The short and simple exercises in the PowerUp program have been designed to help teens build mental strength and resilience. The exercises can be used individually as stand alone and practiced in regular short intense bursts or as part of one of the speciality created programs for anxiety, stress, sleeping problems or low self-esteem.

This pocket book is full of quick and simple mental exercises designed to bring a few moments of calm and clarity. There is also a log book to track progress.

The program can be used by teens, parents and teachers and coaches working with teens on a one to one basis.


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Do you want your child to be a Shining Star?

We are so pleased to announce a re-release of our first (and now discontinued) CD Shining Stars.

This is now a beautiful MP3 full of restful meditations, stories and songs to help children feel calm, rested and reassured. This MP3 is perfect for bedtime, napping and any time you need to bring some calm to your home.

It suitable for children of all ages.

Perfect to help families during lockdown and beyond.

Order your copy today: Shining Stars MP3

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Relax and Sleep MP3

Does your child worry and get anxious at bedtime? SLEEPING PROBLEMS?

Are you tired of spending hours waiting for your child to fall asleep?

Has lockdown affected your childs sleeping patterns?

Here is a calming solution to bedtime worries.

Relax and Sleep MP3
Guided visualisations for a restful sleep.

We have selected the best Relax Kids tracks to help your child have a good nights sleep. This remix compilation gives children tools and techniques to help them feel calm, self-soothe and drift off to sleep.Relax Kids have been putting millions of children to sleep for twenty years and we have compiled all our best sleep tracks in one audio to help guide your child into a restful and relaxing sleep.

Order your copy today! Relax and Sleep MP3

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Family Mental Health and Wellbeing Summit 2020

Would you like help settling your children’

Do you want to feel more connected to your family’

Would you like to help managing emotions and adapting to the new normal’

Join our forum of ideas helping parents and teachers support children to be more calm and confident. 

Tips, tricks, activities and fun ideas to help families not only cope with this current climate but to thrive.

Listen to over 30 experts give their advice on helping you and your children be calm, be brilliant, be together.

Copy this URL to find our event: