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Relaxing during long journeys

Here are some relaxations and stretches to help children to release tension during travel.  

It only takes a few seconds to stop and practice one of these stretches and is a great way to give children a breather. Please ensure that children stretch slowly and do not hold their breath.
Make sure they do not bounce during any stretch and only hold to a mid point of tension.

1 Shoulder Roll – Sit with your arms by your side, gently roll your shoulders backwards 10 times and then roll them forward 10 times.

2 Shoulder Shrug РSit with your arms by your side, pull your shoulders up to your ears.  Hold for 4 counts and then drop them down. Repeat this exercise.

3 Big Hug – Give yourself a big hug and slowly lean forward, so feeling a nice open feeling in your back. Breathe in and out. Slowly bring your arms back to your lap.

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