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We have a couple of amazing offers for you! Once you have made the commitment and started the journey, you will LOVE teaching Relax Kids and ChargeUp

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“After just one session at Relax Kids, there was a noticeable change in my children’s behaviour which lasted all week.” – Parent

What we offer

We offer families, schools and organisations who work with children a range of resources, tools and techniques to help support children’s emotional development and mental resilience.

Resources to help support mental health and emotional wellbeing. Our books, audios, affirmation cards and downloads help make relaxing fun and engaging and help children self-regulate, manage their emotions and self-soothe.

Classes to give children and young people a range of practical tools, techniques and strategies to help them relax and manage the ever-increasing stress on their young lives. Classes are creative and enjoyable and follow our unique Award-winning 7-step system.

Training for those wanting to run a purposeful values-based business teaching Relax Kids classes in their community. Training for professionals and teachers working with children who wish to build a range of tools and techniques to help support the young people they work with. School training for schools who wish to adopt a whole-school approach and embed relaxation with our Calmaclass program.

Toolkits (Calmaclass and Calmafamilly) that allow parents and teachers to easily access moments of relaxation in homes and schools

How we HELP you and your child

We offer an opportunity for your child to recognise explore and manage emotions.

We show children how to self-soothe by taking them to a calm place where they can give their brain a break from the constant stimulation.

We help you bond with your child, by encouraging a daily routine benefitting both them, yourself and the relationship between you.

Our age appropriate resources will accompany you and your child on a magical journey into the word of mindfulness and self-regulation.

We support you to help your child to build their resilience and tackle common problems like sleep,
anxiety and low self confidence.

If you ask yourself what you want for your child, there is a high chance you will say ‘I want my child to be happy.

We at Relax Kids have your child’s well being as a top priority and we can support you in gently introducing and practising these essential life skills to help them feel happier and healthier.

Relax Kids can benefit your child's...


Increases brain function

Develops body awareness, flexibility and relaxes muscles

Decreases physical tension, releases endorphins and calms the nervous system

Boosts energy levels, circulation, the immune system and improves sleep


Improves clarity in thinking and perception

Sharpens concentration and focus

Improves memory retention

Reduces stress and tension

Increases positive thinking

Stimulates imagination and creativity


Lowers anxiety levels

Develops self confidence

Promotes positivity and self esteem

Increases emotional literacy

Builds emotional resilience

Provides tools to cope with stress

Increases happiness and optimism

Helps connection and social interaction

Our Franchises


Suitable for ages 3+

Relax Kids classes are fun and creative and help children feel more calm and confident.

Sessions give children a toolbox of strategies to help them self-regulate, become more resilient and self-aware.


Suitable for ages 0-18 Months

Baby Mindful is a new approach to working with parents of young babies, and has been created to offer a range of activities which will stimulate and calm whilst supporting your baby’s natural development.


Suitable for ages 11+

ChargeUP sessions give young people mindful tools to help self-regulate. Sessions can help reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep, mental health and wellbeing.

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“My 6 year old daughter’s confidence blossomed in the 6 weeks of the relax kids course to the stage where she would speak in front of her peers where as before she wouldn’t even put her hand up in class.  We also bought a Relax Kids CD to use at home and when my 4 year old son had a major tantrum, we put it on the CD player next to him and walked away.  In 2 minutes he was sitting calming listening to it where as normally his tantrum could have lasted an hour!”  – Parent

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