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be calm and confident in all times

Self-regulation resources and training to support children’s mental health

Training Process-6
Are you ready to join our tribe of Relax Kids coaches – dedicated to supporting children’s wellbeing?
We have a 5-step application process
Welcome to the Relax Kids Coach Application
Are you ready… 
to add to your skill set and become part of a pioneering movement to help support the mental health and wellbeing of children with our Award-Winning 7-step system?
You now have…
an opportunity to join a tribe of over 6,000 coaches from 52 countries all working together to help children of all ages become more calm, confident and resilient. 
As a Relax Kids coach…
you will have the opportunity to be group mentored by Marneta our founder. When she started no one was offering mental health and wellbeing classes for children. She knows what it is like to start from scratch. Marneta knows all the problems and trials coaches can face and you will get to benefit from her 25 years of experience and knowledge. Everything she created to run her business is now available to make your life easier so you can be the best coach you can be.
Joining our tribe of coaches…
requires you to go through an application and screening process which will include a 15-20 minute call with Marneta – Relax Kids founder.
for more information about our training
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We are looking for coaches who are:
Passionate about children’s mental and emotional wellbeing and want to support the next generation
Ready for a change and a challenge
Work well independently but want to be part of a bigger community
Happy to collaborate and share their ideas and expertise with their network of coaches